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  1. Day 5 -  I feel much better today.  My head is clearer & I woke up feeling more alert in a long time.  Supper was left overs.  Didn't take my meat out and it was frozen so leftovers it was.  I found I could only eat 1/2 of what I put on my luncheon plate.  When I get hungry my stomach feels hollow. I keep forgetting to drink lots of water.

    Tonight I am going to make the brisket.  I've never cooked one before but I can add vegetables & potatoes to it.  Next time I will use the Instant Pot and compare it to the oven cooked one.

    Spices - red pepper flakes, curry, hot sauce, jalapeño, chili pepper.  Alot of recipes ask for them.  Thanks for the help.  I hope you are having a good day.  Thanks for the recipe, I'll be sure to try it.  The first night I did the tomato sauce with Italian ground beef with spaghetti squash.  It was very good.

  2. I've almost made it through Day 4.  Yesterday was rough.  Major headache and really tired.  Today my head is clearer.  I am amazed I do not have any cravings.  Are you the same?  I'm having a hard time in the afternoons.  My stomach is saying, "Feed Me".  I have noticed alot of the meals are spicy.  I can't do spice.  Does anyone have any ideas on substitutions to replace those ingredients ?  I can just eliminate them but worried they will be too bland.   

  3. Day 2 is done.  I have another gold star on my calendar.  I was too tired to cook last night so I had leftovers.  I did my chicken in the Instant Pot but overcooked.  Very, Very Dry!!!  I am going to use it in a twice baked potato.  

    Day 3 is here.  Still headachy & not much energy but I have NO cravings for anything.  When I start to get hungry my stomach feels hollow.  I am sure that will change once I get used to Whole #30.

    I can't do spicy foods.  Do you know of any substitutions for curry, hot sauce, etc.  If I just exclude them, I'm worried my food will be too bland. 

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Do you mind if I join the group?  It would be nice to see how everyone is doing?  I am 61 & in the last year, I have gained alot of weight.  I have a serious autoimmune disease that has attacked my lungs.  I have permanent scarring so energy is a tough one.  I don't like to go out anymore because nothing fits and I feel embarrassed to be seen like this.  I breezed through yesterday ( I am following the meal plan) in Whole 30.  I made tomato sauce, meat and spaghetti squash.  It turned out really well.  My husband loved it & I have enough left over for a couple of meals.  I can see that planning is the key to making Whole30 work.  

    Day 2 - didn't sleep well, headachy all day.  I had leftover Egg Frittata and lunch was a salad.  I made the dump ranch dressing - put in cilantro instead of parsley.  LOL  I guess you can tell I don't use fresh herbs much.  It was too heavy a dressing - I will have to try something else.  Tonight I am doing chicken breasts.  I have an instant pot I am learning to use.  I really like it as foods are ready much faster so I don't have to spend so much time standing.  If I do all the cutting on one day, will the produce keep in the fridge for a week? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.