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  1. This is a great question and I don't think it has been answered has it?? I'm on day 40ish and I just reintro'd this today and wondered the same thing.
  2. Thanks Shannon. Maybe make a note for people who might not realize it.
  3. I had seen in the books and the forum etc that NutPods were fine and on program. I finally ran into them in a store and bought the original and the cinnamon swirl. I did notice the oat flour but assumed it was OK as it isn't specifically outlawed anywhere and coconut flour is a flour right? Anyhow I have added them in one or two cups of coffee for about a week, on Day 26, just noticed it is an oat creamer, no ill effects should I be concerned?
  4. I am confused by the nut pods thing. The messaging seems inconsistent. I read somewhere "most" nutpods. Are there any that are off program? It has oat flour too which is confusing.
  5. I'm planning my re-intro though I have 8 more days. I don't think anyone has answered the previous 2 posts? I am going to have a drink on Day 31. I would like some ideas of what to have. I usually drink an old-fashioned with honey not sugar but I need something different now. I also wonder if you can have an occasional drink while re-introducing other categories. Thanks.