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    Decrease inflammation, decrease neuropathy due to inflammation, less pain in shoulders, hips, and knees, improve digestion, lose weight, and have more energy to pursue exercise and work. I also want to have a better relationship with food.

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    Pell City, Alabama
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    Hiking, swimming, cycling, and kayaking. I also love to volunteer with Meals on Wheels, Helping Hands for Babies (NICU), and Be a Blessing Birmingham (helping the homeless). I love to cook! I am also a Christian and it influences all of my life. I hope that also means I am more loving and kind but I know I have my days like everyone else.

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I work as a Family Care Specialist with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama. I take care of the families who have babies in the UAB NICU many times for extended lengths of time. It is a regional teaching hospital in Birmingham. I also volunteer in the same NICU holding, feeding, and caring for babies when needed. Additionally, I deliver meals to seniors with Meals on Wheels and provide food and water to the homeless in Birmingham through Be a Blessing Birmingham. 

In my free time I love hiking. This year I have joined a trail maintenance group for the Pinhoti trail with is an extension of the Appalachian Trail, Alabama Pinhoti Trail Maintainers, and have hiked several sections since last year. I also belong to Anniston Outdoor Association and have begun enjoying some of their activities. I also enjoy swimming, cycling, and kayaking. 

Part of my reason for doing Whole30 is to get in better health so I can actively pursue the above interests. Cycling has been especially difficult because I have polyneuropathy (extensive nerve damage) due to many years of undiagnosed Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I no long have a thyroid as a result. I also have inflammation that gets worse the day after I do any physical activity, especially anything that involves my hands or shoulders. Additionally, I have some digestive issues that keep getting worse and cause me to miss out on some activities. I have been trying to lose weight and have been on the Keto diet on and off for a year. 

Every time I begin an activity my body seems to really hate me for days afterwards. I just have to keep pushing through it. 

I have a husband of 27 years, two sons, ages 24 and 21, and a 10 year old cat.