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  1. Day 26 Completed and Only 4 to Go! I made a chorizo sweet potato frittata with caramelized onions and cranberries yesterday and had that for breakfast today as well. For lunch I just had a tuna protein salad with boiled egg for extra protein. Dinner was a potato and leek soup that morphed into a spicy turkey kale chowder that was delicious! I have no idea what I am making tomorrow night. I guess I'll try to pick up something to cook on my way home tomorrow. I have two Meals on Wheels routes tomorrow and I really wanted to take something by Linn Park for the people who gather there, most
  2. Yes, I had to force myself to save the rest for tomorrow morning. My husband doesn't usually like fresh cranberries but he loved it as well. The hardest part is cutting it open. I I've thought about microwaving it but I love the flavor roasting adds. I really am enjoying autumn foods more this year because of W30.
  3. The best way to keep me on track is a walk or hike. Obviously you had a great time.
  4. Yay! That is definitely an NSV. I ran out of Larabars and I just am not going to get anymore until after the 30th which is the last day of my W30. Wait, maybe not. I am hiking with my very competitive sister that day. I hiked with my more talkative sister last Friday.
  5. Chorizo Sausage Sweet Potato Frittata with Caramelized Onions and Fresh Cranberries The original recipe came from I cooked some fresh cranberries in apple juice concentrate in the microwave for a minute and added them right before the eggs. It was a great addition. The only thing I would do differently is add more cranberries. This recipe could easily be used with turkey and made into a Thanksgiving or Christmas breakfast frittata.
  6. Day 24 - Only 6 More to Go!!! Doing well with meals. M1 fried eggs, bacon, carnival squash with apples and fresh cranberries M2 LO salmon on top of kale with red bell peppers, onion, mushrooms, and sliced grapes with a concocted sauce. M3 LO grilled turkey breast, squash with apples and fresh cranberries, and apple salad. I am so sore from my hike, more than normal. I was a little dehydrated and saw some floaters towards the end of the hike. I should have taken water but it was a long hike and I didn't want to keep stopping.
  7. @MadyVanilla and @LadyM glad to know it is not everyone's fitness level. I tried it at my first and only yoga class after a 5K run (maybe I did a little walking) and my legs began some serious cramping. I hiked 7.5 miles today and that's all the exercise I will be doing today. I'm just trying some strength training using my own body weight. I'm hoping it will help more than it hurts in the long run.
  8. Amazing! I just finished a hike and feel at least 10 years older in spite of loving the outdoors so much. My grandmother lived to be 93 and the last thing she did was plant flowers before she had a stroke. She had a list of things to do in her car and a change of clothes. I deliver meals for Meals on Wheels and I pray I never end up unable to get out of bed. My goal is to get healthy and remain healthy the rest of my life.
  9. My sister is an accountant and she told me how stressful the exam is. Keeping you in my prayers as you pursue your degree and certification while doing Whole30.
  10. I have never tried this or heard of palmini. Thanks for the tip.
  11. I think I will have a party when I can get rid of all my plus size clothing for good! Smallest I ever wore was a 12 but 10 or 12 is all I really ever hope for. My mom who keeps shrinking (really she is not doing well) keeps handing me her size 8 and 10 clothing as well as everything else up to a 14. Only a few of them are "me" but I take a few and hang onto them because they are classic styles and good quality. Who knows?
  12. It's amazing how much diet affects our lives! Glad you're getting to move into your house. My advice do all you need to do to your house now. I have been waiting for new floors for 25 years. Our house will be paid off next year and the money is going to re-sodding the yard first.
  13. I think I want all the love language I can get! Really I do think of affirmation as one of mine but I am trying to actually get past that because I need it too much. I need to find the affirmation within. My hubby is all about written affirmations. It's so sweet he saves them and I run across them in the oddest places. I need to write more instead of just going into the office and cheering him up.
  14. Encouragement for the day! This is what I am doing. Watching me exercise would be great comedic relief almost as crazy as some cat videos.
  15. This is so very sad! I hope you have discovered like I have some great new foods that keep things interesting. I haven't had near the problem giving up cheese that I thought I would but nuts would be hard.
  16. Thank you. I really don't mind giving up foods now that I realize how much it improves my quality of life. And, yes, easing myself into changes is always a good thing, otherwise I try really hard at first and then give up.
  17. Day 22 - I can't believe it! Time to ramp up the exercise! A very humbling moment... when you realize you are too out of shape for exercise for "anyone at any fitness level." I almost finished this one which is 2/3 the way through the workout but I am done. I will not quit trying. Some of my attempts are actually so pitiful it is quite hilarious.
  18. Thanks for the info. I bought three of the Walmart Whole30 meals at the beginning of my Whole30 and I'm on Day 22 and have only used one. It was good and I was okay but I used it for a quick meal that had been delayed and only had to wait three hours until the next meal.
  19. I really am hopeful about this and good for you. What happens to me is I begin an activity and do great until inflammation hits then I just feel so bad for so long that by the time I feel good enough to start again it is like starting all over again. This is one reason for the equalizer bars. It told myself that I can do a few every time I see them. We'll see.
  20. You and my husband both. I have to constantly remind him that he is pushing himself too hard. The harder he pushes the more they expect of him and the more stressed he becomes, deciding he must do more. I think it also is because home is work and work is home and it is hard to get away. Separating himself from the stresses at work is so very hard. I have to go in there and re-focus him every once in awhile. Our cat used to spend time curled up in there beside him but his stress levels are such that she hardly ever heads to the office anymore.
  21. Me too. I appreciate everyone who journals. I've been away because I was on vacation and was so happy that the activities we planned turned out so well and kept my mind off of food. I really didn't have as much problem with Whole30 while on vacation as I do while at home. Since being furloughed I have tried my best to get out of the house because when I am home I think about food. Even thinking about healthy food and making food plans is a little bit to obsessive for me. It just makes me look to the next meal instead of eating to refuel because I have had a full day. I added two Meals on Wh