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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to KTH1010 in Mama in need of a reset - starting late October   
    I am starting on Monday oct 26. My husband will follow me a couple days later as he has a colonoscopy (ugh!) on Tuesday. 
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to 50andstillhere in Mama in need of a reset - starting late October   
    So When is everyone starting? I still have some pasta in the fridge so I want to start this Sunday- Oct. 25th. Anyone else beginning about that time? I have done this before and it is helpful for me that people are starting the same/somewhat date? Good luck to everyone!
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    Day 2 went well.  I ended up having day 1 leftovers for dinner, which were just as good the second time.  I slept terribly last night-I woke up almost instantly each time I drifted off to sleep.  Finally, I got up, got a handful of almonds and 2 dates and read for a while.  Sleep was still rough.  I slept later than normal as a result, and so didn’t do a morning dog walk.  
    Even so, I feel fine.  I’ve planned meals and ordered groceries.  I’m taking the dog for a long hike in a little while.  Planning a campfire dinner this evening with a friend who is doing Whole 30ish eating.  She assured me the chicken she is barbecuing is compliant, and I’m going to bring a fall salad made with apples, pomegranate, pecans, and a vinaigrette dressing that I’ll make.  
    Day 3
    m1-2 eggs, asparagus, sliced leftover steak topped with compliant dijon
    m2-rest of yesterday’s shrimp salad with cucumber slices
    m3-chicken and fall salad
    Nothing else to report, no expected barriers today.  
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    Jennifer Jensen got a reaction from LadyM in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    @MadyVanilla and @LadyM glad to know it is not everyone's fitness level. I tried it at my first and only yoga class after a 5K run (maybe I did a little walking) and my legs began some serious cramping. I hiked 7.5 miles today and that's all the exercise I will be doing today. I'm just trying some strength training using my own body weight. I'm hoping it will help more than it hurts in the long run.
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to LadyM in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    ME TOO!!!
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to LadyM in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    EXACTLY my thoughts!
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to MadyVanilla in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    Seriously?  Star plank is everyone's fitness level???  Uh, no.  Good for you for pushing through!  You'll get better every single day!
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    Jennifer Jensen got a reaction from LadyM in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Amazing! I just finished a hike and feel at least 10 years older in spite of loving the outdoors so much. My grandmother lived to be 93 and the last thing she did was plant flowers before she had a stroke. She had a list of things to do in her car and a change of clothes. I deliver meals for Meals on Wheels and I pray I never end up unable to get out of bed. My goal is to get healthy and remain healthy the rest of my life.
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    Jennifer Jensen got a reaction from LadyM in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    Day 22 - I can't believe it!

    Time to ramp up the exercise! 

    A very humbling moment... when you realize you are too out of shape for exercise for "anyone at any fitness level." I almost finished this one which is 2/3 the way through the workout but I am done. I will not quit trying. Some of my attempts are actually so pitiful it is quite hilarious.

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    Jennifer Jensen got a reaction from LadyM in Under a Rock, or a Log, or a Stone   
    Is It Tiger Blood?  (Part 2)

    I am having ups and downs with my energy level. We just got back from vacation on Sunday evening and it was the best trip we've had in a very long time. I woke early and very alert two of the four mornings we were there (really early for me - 4:30 am) and swam an hour each time. We hiked around tfifteen miles the entire trip and canoed four and a quarter miles. The weather was gorgeous and the views were amazing - a waterfall, a lovely and serene creek with cypress trees set in a national park, a stroll beside a canal, and a final brisk walk along a lake watching the sailboats and paddle boarders. 

    I am glad I didn't put off Whole30 until after the trip. It really wasn't a problem. I had to be careful for sure but we found some really good places to eat and one that we would never, ever recommend. I had a burger salad two different places and it was like night and day. 

    NSV from the trip:
    Putting my focus on activities instead of food made my trip much more enjoyable. We ate out but it wasn't a key part of our trip. 

    Tiger Blood - I really don't know. One day I feel like I have all the energy in the world at my disposal and the next I am exhausted. I have found that I sleep much better now and I fall to sleep much faster.

    21 days down 9 to go - I really can't believe it has gone by so quickly! I probably haven't lost much weight but I have seen many changes already. I really want to reintroduce foods to find out what has been depleting all my energy. I am still having digestive issues and that makes me a little sad. I am better and I may just need more time. I will definitely be doing another round in January, probably a Whole45 since my birthday is February 18. 

    The last few days have not been the best as far as typical three meal days. It is so very hard for me to get a lunch when I deliver for Meals on Wheels. I've had too many Larabars and I don't even like the kind I am eating. I have to come up with some good alternatives.
    I did buy some Chomps while we were in Lexington. They have a great store called 14 Carrot Whole Foods. I told my husband that you would have thought it was the main venue for our trip because we went by there four times. My husband is on Keto maintenance and likes Zevia which were on sale. I wanted Chomps, GTs Kombucha (on sale), and we had to get some Primal Kitchen sauces to try on our oven roasted wings.

    I need to go back to work. I have a project to complete and one of the nurses that works with families asked me to cut some items on my Cricut. I could clean out the garage or a dozen other household tasks but it hasn't happened yet.

    I listened to a Do the Thing podcast on "Talking to Strangers". I am definitely on board with that. I do, sometimes. Then sometimes I am so focused on getting a task done that I don't realize that other people are even around. I don't like that about myself. I guess I am an Upholder but I do love it when I take time to get to know people.

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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to LadyM in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Oh yes--very much worth a party!! For me the size doesn't matter quite as much as just getting back into clothes I once loved and have long aspired to wear again. And it's taken a looooooong time I now realize because my body had a lot of healing to do before it could release the weight. It's been really important to not be on anyone's timetable but my body's. And to finally only wear clothes I really love.
    So sorry your mom is not doing well. Watching some of the people in my life age and become ill has certainly been a cautionary tale and inspiration for me to get my health in order. My mother slowly killed herself with diabetes she didn't control that led to heart disease and major depression; my father struggled his entire life with morbid obesity and ultimately committed a violent suicide. My grandmother, on the other hand, lived until nearly 102 hardly taking any meds at all except a baby aspirin and a stool softener now and again. I aim to make my own way as joyfully and authentically as possible--and keeping my eyes wide open about who I am and the choices I'm making.
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    Me, too.  I really do feel better in my body when I'm not moving much, because then I'm not dealing with the achiness from my bones rubbing together (osteoarthritis).  Except that when I am exercising regularly and eating well, I can move more easily.  I can get up from a chair and walk without having to wait for everything to loosen first and I can walk up and down stairs like a normal person.  Reducing the dietary causes of inflammation helps tremendously, but I still get the physical trauma inflammation because no matter what, my knees are going to swell as a result of the reduced cartilage in my joints.   So, everything hurts when I walk for exercise and sometimes it's hard to not convince myself to just stay still.  It's a tough trade-off, a tough balance.  I'm going to have to look into the equalizer bars!  
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to LadyM in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    Day 53
    I'm rereading It Starts With Food and SO GLAD that I am. Reacquainting myself with the how's and why's of this radical transformation is so good and helpful for continuing on the path. Interestingly enough, the thing I'm most interested in reintroducing is legumes. I do love my lentils and black eyed peas and hummus. Gas is generally the only issue I have, and less so the smaller the bean. Anyway, I'm nowhere near reintroductions yet, but it's on my mind.
    I also read Dallas Hartwig's new book about living with the seasons, and I really enjoyed it. I've often thought much of his thinking and research is in alignment with what I know about ayurveda even though he never mentions it. I love finding and making those connections.
    Still giving myself rest as you can see with my reading frenzy, but today I'm going to set a timer a couple of times to do some packing bursts. I'm such a social person it's hard for me to get motivated on my own. But I'm too afraid to let friends come help since I'm really only two weeks out from COVID.
    BTW, the Dude's COVID test came back negative, and that's a HUGE relief. No symptoms from him or his mom, so it's looking good that we're in the clear. Praise be. Truly.
    Another cold and rainy day here and after an early morning wake up, I went back to bed and got up just in time for student conferences. Now I'm off to get my glasses repaired. I'll report back about packing later!
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    Jennifer Jensen got a reaction from lizziehall in Whole30 Round 5? 6?   
    My sister is an accountant and she told me how stressful the exam is. Keeping you in my prayers as you pursue your degree and certification while doing Whole30.
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    Jennifer Jensen got a reaction from MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    I really am hopeful about this and good for you. What happens to me is I begin an activity and do great until inflammation hits then I just feel so bad for so long that by the time I feel good enough to start again it is like starting all over again. This is one reason for the equalizer bars. It told myself that I can do a few every time I see them. We'll see. 
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    Jennifer Jensen got a reaction from MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    Me too. I appreciate everyone who journals. I've been away because I was on vacation and was so happy that the activities we planned turned out so well and kept my mind off of food. I really didn't have as much problem with Whole30 while on vacation as I do while at home. Since being furloughed I have tried my best to get out of the house because when I am home I think about food. Even thinking about healthy food and making food plans is a little bit to obsessive for me. It just makes me look to the next meal instead of eating to refuel because I have had a full day.

    I added two Meals on Wheels routes and take food and drink to the homeless in a park near me and hike to keep myself away from food. I was trying to walk everyday and it hasn't worked since I returned but I also got Lebert equalizer bars to help myself with exercise goals. 
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    Jennifer Jensen got a reaction from MadyVanilla in Take Advantage   
    I've been furloughed since then. I am finishing my last ten days of Whole30 before reintroduction and just reading through what you said was hard will be a great warning to me. I started Whole30 because of inflammation and digestive issues and they have eased some but I know I will be doing a Whole45 in January then a Whole60 in March. 

    Glad to see you were able to control many of your health problems through Whole30. Love that you were able to see the culprits of weight gain right away. 
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    Jennifer Jensen got a reaction from MadyVanilla in The Seduction of LadyM Returns   
    It's amazing how much diet affects our lives! Glad you're getting to move into your house. My advice do all you need to do to your house now. I have been waiting for new floors for 25 years. Our house will be paid off next year and the money is going to re-sodding the yard first. 
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to lizziehall in Whole30 Round 5? 6?   
    @MadyVanilla It’s always nice to know I’m not alone! Whole30 really makes you realize how we’re trained to look at food throughout our lives. And I appreciate the luck, I’ll use all I can get  
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to MadyVanilla in Whole30 Round 5? 6?   
    I find that if I can get through 3 days, I'm usually able to keep going, so I'm hoping today is easier for you!  It's the age old question of why do we want to turn to poor food items when we least need them?  I've certainly never found that my stress levels lessened or that I've felt better after digging into a box of sugary whatnots, and yet I also tend to go to food to cope.  And we KNOW this doesn't work!.  * good advice, just saying I know your struggle.  Good luck with the studying!
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to lizziehall in Whole30 Round 5? 6?   
    3 Days down!
    I’ve still been really enjoying the foods and trying new recipes. I found a recipe for some rosemary potatoes that are amazing! Also, if you haven’t trie 40 Aprons Creamy Tuscan Chicken you MUST! I was to try it again soon with palmini “pasta” (only ingredient is hearts of palm). One thing I have never really struggled with that is driving me nuts right now is the scale. Maybe it’s because it’s been a while with all these restarts and I know I still won’t have that number satisfaction for another month. I feel great physically so I’m reminding myself that’s what matters. NSVs like no bloating, better sleep, and clearing skin are keeping me away from the scale right now. 
    I’ve been really thinking about why this Whole30 round has been so difficult for me, I feel like I’m sabotaging myself with all these restarts. My stress has been at an all time high for the past month and a half as I study for the CPA exam. I give 5 hours a day to preparing for this test, in addition to the seemingly endless school work, and I still feel hopeless. Food really is a coping mechanism for me and I think that’s why I’ve been more likely to go off plan. The thing that stinks is that it doesn’t help even a little bit. If anything, eating processed foods makes my brain work worse and I get tired so I have less hours to tackle my to-dos. Also, studying life is just way easier without alcohol or hangovers but a glass of wine always sounds so amazing after a long day. I’ve gotta break these dependencies and form better habits over the next 27 days, this round might be my most difficult and important yet!
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to lizziehall in Whole30 Round 5? 6?   
    My friend made chicken wings in the air fryer with a dry rub of Old Bay and I really thought they were whole30 so I dug in, but it turns out he had brushed them with butter before putting them in the air fryer... UGH. I asked him questions about ingredients but I was more focused on breading and sauces. So I guess I'm starting over. Again. I am discouraged but determined to do this right for the full 30 days.
    Here goes day 1!
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to BabyBear in Whole30 Round 5? 6?   
    Despite the rain it sounds like a fun adventure scoping out a new city to live.  So excited for you on the brink of finishing your masters. what a big accomplishment.  Welcome back to the boards and best of luck with your reset. May it serve you well. 
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    Jennifer Jensen reacted to lizziehall in Whole30 Round 5? 6?   
    Day 1 again today...
    I went on a vacation this week and Whole30 just wasn't happening. I'm scoping out a new city to move to once I get my Master's so I went to different restaurants/bars to get a feel for the area. It didn't help that it rained all weekend and it seemed like the only thing to do was eat and drink! The timing of this round was poorly planned because I've known about this trip for a while and I know it was important that I make the most of my time there. I'm not beating myself up over it but I am doing a full restart. 
    Since my last post I have gotten my appetite back and been feeling great! I'm not sure if my sleep and lack of appetite were just an adjustment back to clean foods or due to added stress but I'm glad it's over.
    I made breakfast style potatoes this morning and added some Trader Joe's Italian chicken sausage, a fried egg and some hot sauce. I couldn't get to a grocery store yesterday after my drive so today might be a little sad on veggies but I'll make sure to use the frozen ones I have for dinner. I've been sticking to 2 meals a day for a while now but I got hungry earlier today so I snacked on a half of a pumpkin pie larabar and those things are delicious!! My first instinct was to go to Amazon and buy a big pack but I think I'll wait a week so that my sweet tooth is gone. 
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    It’s been a few more weird days for me. I wake up and have a cup of coffee with an espresso shot and nut pods every day and start getting hungry around 1pm. So I’ll eat a meal around that time and really try to stick to the template. The past few days have been sweet potatoes, onion, bacon, and spinach topped with 2 eggs. It seems to me that I’m getting the appropriate amount of fats and protein and filling the rest of my plate with veggies. I bet each serving is 1 cup spinach and 2/3 of a bigger sweet potato but it’s all meal prepped so I just kind of eyeball it. Then the rest of the day I am not hungry at all! I’ve tried to force myself to eat and always end up feeling sick and on the toilet (sorry tmi) so I don’t really know the proper way to handle this. I’ve stopped taking my medicine and that hasn’t helped with appetite, if anything it has just made me more stressed so I’ll probably start it again tomorrow. 
    Because of everything above I haven’t been feeling great physically. I definitely look smaller but I don’t want to get used to seeing that lol I know once my appetite comes back I’ll just be disappointed. I haven’t been sleeping very well and today I took a 2 hour nap, but my stress levels have been super high so I’m blaming that. 
    Ugh. I’m just frustrated. I’ll head over to the troubleshooting forum and see what I can find!