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  1. Thank you decker_bear for your help. It's appreciated. I'm dedicated to making it through the 30 days, I want to make sure my meals are full of everything I need.
  2. I see the problem; little protein and veg, even though the nuts and chia seeds are protein and pumpkin is a veg. I will use the pumpkin I made a a side to a larger protein and veg portion. The pumpkin is filling and I don't feel weighted down I will just eat less of it. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for the insight. The reason I made the bowl is because I've eaten egg, sausage, and veg casseroles of sorts since I started whole30 and I wanted a change. I figured pumpkin is a squash and it wouldn't really be any different than roasted butternut squash cubes, say, in a breakfast hash. The only sweetish thing in there was a banana of which is usually the only fruit I've been having. Thank you for your quick reply.
  4. As I'm eating my pumpkin breakfast bowl, I'm searching for the 10th time that bananas are Whole30 compliant. I come upon a list with explanation and I'm reading about coconut yogart and it says it is okay if no sugar, etc. Then it says, not to use it in a breakfast bowl with dried fruit and cocoa nips. Why not in a "breakfast bowl"? I'm looking at my bowl and thinking, "what in the heck did I just do"? I'm on day 12, I just made it through 10 and 11, thank God, but I am determined. My question is: my breakfast bowl is pumpkin porridge: with canned pumpkin, almond milk, chia seeds, almond flour