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  1. It depends on your at-home setup. If you already have an air fryer, what other appliances you have etc. But I got an air fryer last year on Cyber Monday (that's when I would recommend buying most appliances) and it is great! It's simple and leaves things crispy, I cook onion rings in there, fried shrimp, and reheat food depending on what type etc. With this diet I don't know if I will use it a lot but I have used it the last year and enjoyed it.
  2. Just thought I would share some thoughts. If you get an "extra" period or bleeding due to Whole30 diet changes and it's something out of the norm (has never happened before, if it has could be other variables) and you think the correlation is there. Look at and start recording your Iron intake. Lots of whole grains are fortified with iron cereals, bread, etc. Switching to no grains among other things takes away those supplements your body is used to. Most women ALREADY don't get enough iron in their diet. I'm not a nutritionist and would recommend talking to your doctor before changing yo
  3. I am very sorry about all your hardships at your job as well as your relationship loss. Going through anything emotional always makes not binging 10x harder for me as well. Amazing job at sticking to it though, you're an inspiration! I hope your year gets better with all of your relationships <3
  4. Great job! You look amazing and it's inspiring to read your journey and hear about how you are feeling now too! I know I will need the motivation as I'm starting today and Day 1 is the easiest I'm sure.