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  1. I do appreciate the feedback! perhaps just taking a mini nap is what I need!... and having a list of things to do when I get stressed, as well. It is just such a hard transition!
  2. So after my first Whole30, I've quickly realized that gluten does not work for my body. I felt absolutely amazing without it in my diet. Adding it back in though, has proved troublesome in many ways: 1. after I eat gluten in a meal - I am extremely full and bloated for 2+ hours; This also leads me to be tired, and my mood and energy tend to plummet. 2. Also, once I start eating it, I find it very hard to stop. So I know I should give it up completely, and I DO try to avoid it.... But to be honest: I find food - especially with gluten and also usually sugar - just SO comfortin
  3. I know this is a few months down the road - But I just did my Whole 30 for the month of September, and am in the same boat as you. I am going back to Whole30 every few days, but completely falling off the wagon the other days. I didn't do the reintro properly either... I think I'm actually going to try to get in another Whole30 now before the holidays start Just curious: How is it going with your dietician? I'm seeing a holistic doctor as well - who directed me to Whole30, and it was great! But I quickly fell off the plan after the 30 days. I suppose I should have gone longer (?) =