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    Michelle K got a reaction from hummybird in Day 26-no Tiger Blood, meh energy, no changes   
    I have been compliant for 25 days now. I spend hours in the kitchen every day preparing new and varied meals. I read all labels. I’ve eaten an array of meats, seafood, veggies, fruits and nuts on a daily basis. I have not experienced tiger blood, clear skin, boundless energy, etc. my sleep is so-so , my breakouts continue, and I’ve struggled with loose stool all month. My weight is EXACTLY THE SAME as day 1, my measurements are the same. If anything it’s making me miss the variety of foods I’m not eating even more! I used to love avacado, eggs, and sweet potato and now I have to say I’m pretty darn sick of them. I feel like this experience is backfiring. I’m a 5-6 day/week crossFitter and my strength is definitely struggling, as well. Before this program I would describe myself as a conscious eater who ate paleo-ish/whole 80% of each day with no foods off limits (I have to live in the world, fuel my workouts, I’m a busy mom of 3, and have lost and kept off 55 pounds by diet change and exercise 1-2 years ago)And what can I say? I love pizza! Am I an anomaly? Was this all for nothing?