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  1. ooh, paleo pad thai. thanks for the recipe link! today went okay. i wasn't very organized. the (free range) chicken i planned to cook for dinner wasn't thawed out yet. also, we ran out of eggs and i didn't want to waste the gas driving into town just for eggs. tomorrow we get a delivery of produce & farm eggs. mainly it was like a regular "Whole30-ish" day but with no maple syrup. a
  2. So here we are: Day One. I've been inching toward Whole30 eating again for a couple weeks, but last night closed out the non-W30 phase with a big homemade batch of pad thai. Right now, the idea of giving that up for 30 or 90 days doesn't sound like a big deal. We'll see how I feel as my hormonal cycle rolls along—my times of intense craving usually correspond to that. Another day of distance learning/home schooling with my son, so it's unlikely to be stress-free. But we have no appointments in town today. We can stay home, cook, learn, and walk in the woods. I do have a lot of computer
  3. I have a start date! Tuesday, October 20, with a friend. This is my third true, hardcore Whole30. It's her first go at W30. To start my journey, I'm pulling a Tarot card for inspiration. The Queen of Coins, from the Burning Tarot deck. The Queen of Coins can do this. She understands the deep importance of body, of nourishment, of connection to the great Earth. She is wise and authoritative, but generous and fairly flexible. She knows that leadership is required. She is unafraid of riches and bounty. The Queen of Coins is ready to live in a most healthy and delicious manner, and so a
  4. The Whole30 has helped me greatly in the past. I'm ready to do a hardcore W30 again. It seems like folks are sharing their day-to-day Whole30 stories over in the Logs forum. I think I'll do that, too. Pop on over there if you'd like to join me starting October 20, or cheer me on from the sidelines. Wish me luck!
  5. You look great - and it sounds like you're stoked to go! Thank you for sharing your story with us. My story is different to yours, but I felt some strong commonalities. Living with chronic pain is something most people don't understand (not yet, at least — I suspect as we age, more people begin to comprehend). Pushing ourselves too hard and basically zapping our nervous systems? Sounds like you have done that, too. I hope W30 is helpful for you. I'm still trying to figure out these forums, but come find me if you want to cheer me on! I'm starting Tuesday. I hope yours continues to go wond
  6. Jennifer - you asked when my start date is. Not sure! I'm revved up and hoping to bring a friend along for her first W30. If she ends up hesitating, I may move forward any ol' day now.
  7. I'm so interested to hear someone mentioning oatstraw here -- I got a bit obsessed with it about a year ago. I put on an event called Tea & Poetry at the local farmers market, and we had a station where people could mix their own taisans (a.k.a. herbal teas, to take home and make teas, infusions, or decoctions). Mountain Rose Herbs kindly donated many of the materials. I researched all the ingredients and made info brochures on the medicinal qualities and history of the herbs. Well, it was really fun, and I ended up with a giant jar of oatstraw once it was over. I began to use oatstr
  8. thank you shannon, that's exactly what i was hoping for! the forum titles are a bit confusing... i'll go over to Join.
  9. Howdy, I'm T. I've got a big ol' mess of chronic illness problems, and Whole30 has helped me get way, way better over the last 3+ years. I spend a great deal of time outdoors, wandering, hiking, camping, writing poetry, and giving Tarot readings. My day job is freelance journalist and mom. I was doing so much better, I figured I'd add rice back in. And maybe rice noodles. Soy here and there. You get the picture... by the time Covid struck, I was totally ready to bake all day and pig out. Which brought back some of my allergy, inflammation, and chronic pain issues (along with enviro
  10. Hi, Kijake - I've been diagnosed with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, and other "garbage can diagnoses" over the years. I'm also allergic to mold and was exposed to toxic mold for a while. For me, W30 has been pretty darned magical! Many of us with serious chronic inflammation have to get to about 3-4 months of "Whole30-ish" or hardcore paleo/W30 before we can really get good elimination diet results. So it may take a while. For me, my first true Whole30 turned things around all by itself. Doctors and nutritionists had put me on other elimination diets (which were informative but didn't make m
  11. Hi, KKitty. I have chronic pain and chronic illness too. I've done a couple Whole30s and a lot of "Whole-30-ish" long-term eating. Though I do some coaching, it is not health coaching, so please don't take my post as professional nutrition advice! That said: if the Whole30 helped you notice nightshades, that's a great thing. If I were in your position, I'd turn this into a Whole60 or at least a Whole45, and eliminate the nightshades, too. Shannon suggests something similar. Then do the reintroductions—slowly, and not starting with nightshades. Reintroduce lentils, wait three days, etc. Do
  12. I wouldn't reset for that, myself. Health Aide may have a droplet of sugar that didn't already get digested by the SCOBY, and best to avoid next time -- but seems like it's not an enormous deal? I'm totally not a W30 coach or staff person, so hey, what do I know? But having done a couple Whole30s and a lot of "Whole-30-ish" long-term eating, my feeling is that I wouldn't let the Health-Aide destroy my W30. I would just be more careful on future moments, label reading, etc.
  13. Poor bunny! I'm glad you found something that works for you. Hop, hop, hop. I too ride the chronic illness rollercoaster. Whole30 has been marvelous for it. I usually do my own "modified paleo" semi-Whole30. But this year—partly because of some heart issues and high cholesterol, partly because of, oh let's say COVID! — I slid way off track. Hm, maybe I should make a separate post about that? Anyway! I hear ya, sister. I hope yours goes well, as I gear up for mine...