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  1. Hi all, I'm finishing my Whole 30 tomorrow. I intend to continue for the most part, but we're going away on vacation next week. The resort we'll be staying at has several restaurants onsite, ALL are exorbitantly expensive. Burgers are $18, shakes are $15, 14" plain pizza is $18 (not that I'm at all interested in the last two). There will be a refrigerator and microwave in the room. I'd rather just prepare most of my own meals than risk feeling lousy. Eating out used to excite me, now it's just a chore to find it modify something I can eat. Fortunately, I'm a pretty good cook.
  2. Ok, I'm back. Tomorrow is the last day. My wife said, "Oh good, now you go back to eating normal foods." Sad and funny at the same time. Food-wise, I was strict. I wanted banana pancakes, but didn't cave in. I ate a lot of curries (my favorite meal!). In fact, that's what I had tonight as my wife and kids ate pasta and sauce. No energy drinks for an entire month. That in itself was amazing. Days 8-13 were pure torture. I could not stay awake... and I'm experiencing that again at the end of the month. I drank some coffee, mostly black. I cheated, though. I weighed myself halfway
  3. Hi all, I'm Art from NJ. Started Oct. 1. More to come, this Captcha thing is driving me nuts.