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    My partner is really unsupportive of me doing the Whole30 (did round 1 in August, but did not reintro well, so started again on the group Whole30 September 14).  Since we have been together I have lost significant weight (70 lbs) and my partner believes I am too skinny now and he is not attracted to me anymore.  
    I used a whole food based diet  and macro counting, along with exercise, to lose weight, but when I decided to do the Whole30, it was not for weight loss.  I actually have no idea what I weigh and did not weigh myself or take before/after measurement/pictures BECAUSE its not about weight loss.
    My mother died this summer, and I ate everything in sight (lots and lots of sugar).  Joint pain and injuries ensued, and I knew I was out of control and unhappy.  I am feeling in control for the first time since my mom died and am feeling some hope to move forward.  
    I do want to move into a successful re-intro and my Food Freedom, but I don't want to just gain weight back so he is attracted to me.  I love him but feel like that's an unfair ask.  I am trying to build up muscle, but it is slow going and he says there is not progress. He ironically says that I don't eat "real food" on the Whole30.
    Any tips/thoughts how to navigate this?  He asked for an open relationship last night.