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  1. Thanks for the reply, Shannon. Apparently, it is not alpha-gal. I just had a blood allergy test and the only thing it showed was a "mild shellfish allergy". *facepalm* And, yes, it was very sudden. Here I am, cruising along and prepping an Italian style stuffed pork loin to go into the slow cooker. Fast forward through a few hours of smelling and drooling over the pesto-stuffing goodness, and cutting into the beautifully twined meat. About halfway through the meal, sudden agonizing, searing, doubling over to shield your stomach from invisible knives pain. Okay, maybe it was
  2. Hi, all. I'm considering starting a W30 due to chronic stomach pain and nausea that doctor's can't seem to figure out (scope showed inflammation, but no cause). My issue is this - As of 3 years ago, I physically CANNOT eat meat- beef, chicken, pork, bison, duck... if it walks or flies, it turns my stomach into knots tied with barbed wire and spit roasted over a gas fire (translation: it's painful). Fish and seafood is fine. Eggs don't bother me, I just don't care for them. Is this program safely doable as written with this added protein limitation?