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  1. I found Alexia fries on the Whole Foods order online and pickup when I searched Whole30 Approved. When they arrived they have a TON of non-approved ingredients. I haven't found the Alexia Hash Browns.
  2. Thank you so much!! Yes I will read every label from now on. Just found soy in my bumblebee tuna. Says "Contains:Tuna, Soy." Also I found Mr. Dell"s All Natural Hash Browns at a local higher end store. Ingredients: Potatoes. Comes in both shredded and country style. This is so enlightening! Cant believe the crap they get away with. Who Knew.
  3. Hi. I just joined this forum and have never been on any forum before. I am 60 years old and overweight and feeling it much more lately. Stumbled across whole30 at work when a few co-workers were doing it. Today is Day 7 and I MAY not have been as prepared as I should have been. Made a casserole with farm raised eggs, peppers(red and yellow), chicken sausage, approved bacon, spinach, hash browns and mushrooms. Ate it all week for breakfast and was never hungry before lunch hour. Was so proud of myself for being prepared since I'm not normally a breakfast eater. Today I finally got a cha