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  1. Have you tried searching for "cooking stock?" I was able to find Swanson cooking stock at my local Walmart and it's compliant.
  2. Hi Tamar! I like to put half almond milk, half coconut milk into my coffee. Drinking black coffee gives me a stomach ache. Sometimes I put a little vanilla extract in, spices, even pumpkin puree. I like "golden milk" and it's good in coffee. I just make the golden milk without the sweetener. You can also make a really strong tea with things you like, such as mint, and then put that into your coffee. I really like the NutPods that LadyM mentioned, but I am not sure what it's like to get that outside of the USA, especially since you're already halfway through now. Also, as she mentioned,
  3. Oh yeah, and this week my back is breaking out bad
  4. Today is the day I abandon the Whole30. It has been 28 days, and I'm done. I have more cravings than when I began, especially for sweets and refined starches, and they have not gone away. I have stuck with this thing through some stressful crap in my life, but has it been worth it? Not really. I ate really whole and almost Whole30 before. I limited grains and sugar, didn't drink alcohol, avoided non-fermented soy, used healthy oils, ate a lot of vegetables, rarely had legumes. I already knew dairy was a problem food for me, so I was already not eating that. Has this diet actually made my life
  5. I saw that too! Glad you asked this. I was thinking, did I miss something and a cranberry is a legume? I wonder if whoever controls the content of that page can update it to say "cranberry bean" so that it's not so confusing!