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  1. I completed my whole 30 last Wednesday 18th Nov and whilst I have definitely toned up & haven’t had a sore mouth/mouth ulcers for the 30 days (main purpose of whole30 for me was to reset & boost immune system as I was getting lots of mouth ulcers, sinus infections, dry itchy eyes & generally feeling tired) I unfortunately didn’t get that tiger blood, loads of energy feeling. I still have the blocked sinuses & my bletharitis seems to be as bad as it was before whole 30. I feel a little down as I followed whole30 to the letter & didn’t feel the wow I’ve got loads of energy mo
  2. Nigel

    Losing weight

    HI Sugarcube, Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I have started eating an avocado each day and have a glass of coconut milk too. I've also starting adding olives to each meal. I think the hardest part is post workout as if i've been for a fast mountain bike ride and get back at 9.30pm I used to just drink a protein shake. Do you have any recommendations for post work out quick foods? Thanks Nigel
  3. Nigel

    Losing weight

    Hi guys, I am now on day 18 of the whole30 and am losing weight (this was my biggest concern of the plan. I am 5ft 10 and have an active lifestyle and had a pretty healthy (well what I thought was healthy) diet before taking on the whole30. I am eating a large breakfast - 2-3 eggs, vegetables and usually left over squash, sweet potato and veg either grilled or stir fried. Lunch is a large roasted sweet potato or jacket potato with tuna or chicken and home made mayonnaise Dinner is one of the larger meals within the book, so chicken with potatoes and vegetables, home made bu