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  1. I am so happy to report I made it! 30 days of Whole30 (along with the AIP) with no slip-ups or cheats. After a week of detox, my digestion is so much better. My pain levels have reduced although my SI joints are very inflamed at the moment (going to a new chiropractor tomorrow). I see now that nutrition is not a miracle cure, but rather an important ingredient in disease management for those of us with autoimmune conditions. I am going to start aip reintroductions next week and see how it goes. I may still start Transfer Factor and/or plaquenil, but I see that I have the power to help my
  2. Thanks so much for the answer. Of course I'm always going to do what my doctor says, was just hoping for an alternative. Thanks for drawing my attention to the trace amounts.
  3. Hello all. I'm on day 11, and my cardiologist wants me to start taking a baby aspirin every day. I can't find any with corn starch, lactose, etc. etc.... Even the adult aspirin which my pharmacist says can be cut in 4's has corn starch. Has anyone found an aspirin that works so I can stay on the Whole30? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Oh. I didn’t think tapioca starch or arrowroot starch were compliant. Thanks.
  5. I’m just starting the program and can’t find a recipe for gravy. Do I just eat it dry?
  6. Hello, I’m on day 4 of the program after 4 & 1/2 months on the aip (autoimmune protocol. I’m continuing aip but cutting out plantain chips and baked goods with coconut flour and cassava flour, which I was eating to keep weight on. I’m just looking for encouragement. My symptoms are tough to manage. Any other autoimmune people here who have experienced success? How long did it take you. Thanks! Wishing all a safe Thanksgiving.