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  1. Sweet potatoes are definitely out on an anti-Candida diet. Personally if I were aware my main issue is candida overgrowth, I would do the candida diet, rather than W30 (or after- but doing them at the same time would be very limiting). Disclaimer- I am not an expert, just someone curious about this subject and working on it for myself. The two diets are similar in eliminating all added sugars, bread, white rice, and most dairy. However candida diet allows plain yogurt (probiotic), butter, and pseudo-grains like millet and quinoa, while eliminating most fruits and starchy veggies like potatoes-
  2. I am in a similar situation so want to follow this thread for any helpful advice. Have you heard of FODMAPs? It's a category of foods including onion/garlic and various fruits and vegetables with no particular logic that are known to cause gas, particularly for people with IBS. I do not have that diagnosis but wonder if this lens could help understand which foods trigger digestive issues. The other lens I am pondering is food combining, for example mixing fruit with protein I think is not advised (which I did yesterday pretty severely with banana, prunes, eggs and chicken all for one giant "sn
  3. Thanks! The "recommended not to" gray area is challenging for me but I will do my best without adding new rules for myself.
  4. Hi whole 30 people! I'm preparing to try this for the first time in January and have questions about fruit. I know that fruit is allowed, including dried, juice, and cooked- though it seems like every time these are mentioned it's in the context of ingredients in savory dishes. I also know that "treats" like pancakes with compatible ingredients are not allowed. Yet I haven't seen anything specifically saying whether drinking a glass of fruit juice or eating dried figs as a snack is allowed, in the official rules. I was also looking at the candida diet (allows pseudo-grains and yogurt, bu
  5. I sometimes find that warm broth (veggie and/or chicken bone) can tide me over when I don't have time for a proper meal- if you have time to just heat it up. That plus fruit/nuts would probably be a good snack, til a proper breakfast later. Also is the egg-free criteria because of convenience/cooking time, or allergy/preference? If you do eat eggs, hard-boiling is a good way to have them always ready without cook time. (I am also planning to try whole30 in January- haven't tried it yet, but thinking about what kinds of things I will need to do to be prepared!).