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  1. I saw on the forum that Cappello’s almond flour spaghetti is not Whole30 approved. The post was from 2014 and I am wondering if this has since changed? Why are Cappello’s Gnocchi compliant but the almond flour that is made of the same ingredients but with no potato starch is not compliant? Just wanted to check!


    Thank You!

  2. Thank you for your suggestions! It is possible it could be a result of eating more nuts and dates possibly? We each eat probably at least one Lara Bar a day where nuts and dates were not previously apart of our diet. I also think it could be from cooking with ghee instead of regular butter?  Was thinking also maybe with cutting all grains out of our diets maybe food it’s kind of “running” right through us?

    We have tried a variety of Whole30 meals, Buffalo wings, chili, coconut shrimp, meat balls with marinara, BLT chicken salad, Eggroll bowls, etc 


    Both of us feel fine other then spending more time in the bathroom so I don’t think it is a bug

  3. This is a little embarrassing to disclose however it has been going on since I began the Whole30 Feb 1st. 

    Is it normal to have the “runs” when starting the Whole30? When can I expect to have a solid BM during this program? My boyfriend and I are both experiencing this. We have been eating nothing but Whole30 approved healthy meals.

    Please Help!

  4. Hi, my boyfriend is doing the Whole30 with me and desperately looking for some snacks he is still able to enjoy throughout this process. Trader Joe’s has a variety of potato chips that are baked or made in a kettle with olive oil and sea salt? 

    I read the rules on chips but from what I have found on the forum those rules are from 2016. Are any kettle or baked chips allowed? Or just home made possibly with an air fryer??

  5. I find mixed reviews and information on eating red meat. I love using ground beef and always utilize a lean ground beef and drain the excess fat. Should I consider removing red meat from my diet during the Whole30? Or even long term?