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  1. Yes I am still going! I had a better few days. New Year’s Day was hard because we were finally able to see family(we have been quarantined) and I ate before and brought a snack of compliant bacon, but it was brutal just sitting and watching. Yesterday, I bowed out of my husband’s friends gathering and ordered Zoe’s! I’m on day 9 and finally starting to feel less hungry and grumpy! How are you doing? I have to start virtual school again soon, so that will also be a challenge! (We are in Nashville) But I’m hoping by then I will really start to have more energy, and maybe that will help this roun
  2. Update: I’ve made it to day 6! I still want to quit, but I haven’t.. I have had a Larabar a day to help me thru some rough patches. IM SO HUNGRY. I remember cravings last time, but not a depression about everything I can’t have. I DEF need this and it’s only 24 more days! I’m not going to quit! I’m not craving sweets (I don’t have a sweet tooth), and nothing really specific— just carbs/breads in general. Rice! Never thought I’d miss rice. I had SEVERE stomach distress earlier today and now I am wiped out. And, of course, this was the day we didn’t have any leftovers for lunch, and I planned