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  1. 31st R1D24 M1 - Coffee M2 - Normal veg etc M3 - Rissoles, Potato Tuna fritters and steamed veg 1st R1D25 M1 - Coffee and Banana M2 - Normal veg etc M3 - Leftover Tuna and potato fritters. 2nd R1D26 M1 - Coffee M2 - Normal veg and leftover meats scramble with fresh eggs from our chooks. M3 - I made up a recipe tonight, fried off some bacon, then some chicken breasts in salt, pepper and paprika. Put them aside and fried off some cherry tomatoes from the garden till they burst, then added a can of coconut cream, nutritional yeast, lemon juic
  2. I got my days mixed up, and the bunless burgers was the 29th, no idea... lol. 29th 30th - R1D23 M1 - M2 - Veg, bacon and eggs. M3 - Roasted Chicken, Mash, veg, confit mayo Things are pretty hard now, we only shop monthly's, I have over a week till the next big shop.... food is hard, we're bored and over the regulars and sick of lack of fresh foods (we get veg from the garden each day, but its exactly the same veg, as we eat seasonally, so Beetroot, Kohlrabi, Noodle Beans and Zucchini (and plenty of tomatoes) are on the table atm. Hubby has been
  3. 27th Jan - R1D20 M1 - M2 - Veg Scramble, eggs and pork M3 - Lemon Ghee Chicken over cauliflower rice with Zucchini and noodle beans. 28th Jan R1D21 M1 - Banana and Coffee M2 - Veg Scramble, Rissoles and eggs. M3 - Bunless Burgers
  4. 25th Jan - R1D18 M1 - M2 - Veg Scramble, Pork and Eggs M3 - Zuppa Toscana 26th Jan - R1D19 M1 - M2 - Veg Scramble, Smoked Chicken, Eggs and Tomato M3 - Zuppa Toscana and some grilled prawns.
  5. 24th Jan - R1D17 M1 - Coffee M2 - Roasted Veg with fried eggs M3 - Nacho plate, Crispy cast iron potatoes, halved butternut pumpkin roasted, Roasted tomato relish and beef mince.
  6. 23rd Jan - R1D16 M1 - Coffee M2 - Bacon, veg and Eggs M3 - Beef Stroganoff w Mash Snack - Plum and Kajari Melon I just cannot get 3 meals in, I get up early and do all the gardening chores etc before I come in and do 'breakfast' at 10-11am'ish. I can't seem to get around this, its too hot to do the outside stuff past that time, so it has to be done first thing.
  7. 22nd Jan - R1D15 M1 - Coffee M2 - Leftover Zuppa Toscana M3 - Chicken in almond/coconut crumbs, mash and steamed veg with some ghee.
  8. 21st Jan - R1D14 M1 - Coffee M2 - Pulled pork with fried eggs and sautéed beetroot, kohlrabi, snake beans and zucchini from the garden. M3 - Zuppa Toscana, this will definitely be in the rotation regularly, and will be great in winter. I may even can it, pre coconut cream/greens! Pain levels are much more tolerable now, but I'm kind of in the lull before my next cycle, so I don't know if it's coincidence in that sense or not.
  9. 20th Jan - R1D13 M1 - Coffee M2 - Pesto Chicken salad, roasted tomato relish and baked potato. M3 - Nom Nom Paleo's Kalua Pork with a coleslaw dressed with homemade mayo and topped with tomato relish.
  10. 19th Jan - R1D12 M1 - Coffee M2 - Pesto Chicken salad, Roasted Tomato, bacon, onion relish, cauliflower rice. M3 - Bacon, eggs, relish, pesto chicken, cauliflower.
  11. 17th Jan - Day 10 I don't remember tbh, veg and smoked pork still I'd imagine, as we only just finished the last of the pork today. 18th Jan - Day 11 M1 - Fresh veg from the garden sautéed in ghee, with a fried egg and some cherry tomatoes M2 - Probably nothing - It rained all day, I drank a lot of coffee M3 - Rissoles (Paleo Running Momma's salisbury meatballs) with a sautéed veg mix same as the morning (Noodle Beans, Kohlrabi, new potatoes, beetroot, carrot, zucchini)
  12. Well done on holding strong! I tried a new recipe for the kids today, sourdough savoury fritters, with shredded zucchini, carrot, kohlrabi and leftover smoked pork in the sourdough batter... took control not to 'sample it'!
  13. Pain seems to have tapered down a bit today, fx for it to continue. M1 - Smoked Pork with Tomato Relish and Noodle beans/zucchini. M2 - I didn't eat, hubby had some smoked pork and Salad. M3 - Coconut and Almond Crusted Chicken with Steamed Veg and ghee, I also made some more mayo using the garlic confit and mixed through some basil pesto.
  14. Pain is still elevated, I'm not sure if it's where I am in my cycle or the diet yet, just powering through. Thankyou for your thoughts though! I have an instagram (OurSmallFootprint) but I'm working on getting my blog back up and running so I can host some food pics on there and share them here for you 15th Jan - Day 8 M1- Salad from the garden with some boiled eggs and garlic confit mayo and roasted tomato relish. M2 - I smoked a big rolled pork leg in the smoker, I take the crackle and fat off it before smoking and I do big trays of potatoes with the fat/c
  15. 14th Jan. - Day 7 Bad pain day, I couldn't eat for a lot of it. M1 Hubby had more of the roasted pumpkin combined with leftovers M2 - Hubby did the same as above, I had some apple and almond cashew butter. M3 - Steak with Garlic Confit cloves, avocado, smashed potatoes and grilled cauliflower.