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  1. Well done on holding strong! I tried a new recipe for the kids today, sourdough savoury fritters, with shredded zucchini, carrot, kohlrabi and leftover smoked pork in the sourdough batter... took control not to 'sample it'!
  2. Pain seems to have tapered down a bit today, fx for it to continue. M1 - Smoked Pork with Tomato Relish and Noodle beans/zucchini. M2 - I didn't eat, hubby had some smoked pork and Salad. M3 - Coconut and Almond Crusted Chicken with Steamed Veg and ghee, I also made some more mayo using the garlic confit and mixed through some basil pesto.
  3. Pain is still elevated, I'm not sure if it's where I am in my cycle or the diet yet, just powering through. Thankyou for your thoughts though! I have an instagram (OurSmallFootprint) but I'm working on getting my blog back up and running so I can host some food pics on there and share them here for you 15th Jan - Day 8 M1- Salad from the garden with some boiled eggs and garlic confit mayo and roasted tomato relish. M2 - I smoked a big rolled pork leg in the smoker, I take the crackle and fat off it before smoking and I do big trays of potatoes with the fat/c
  4. 14th Jan. - Day 7 Bad pain day, I couldn't eat for a lot of it. M1 Hubby had more of the roasted pumpkin combined with leftovers M2 - Hubby did the same as above, I had some apple and almond cashew butter. M3 - Steak with Garlic Confit cloves, avocado, smashed potatoes and grilled cauliflower.
  5. I've been slack! 12th Jan M1 Last of the meatloaf sautéed up with spinach and beetroot etc from the garden, Kajari Melon and some kohlrabi and tomato salad. M2 I think I had a snack again and Hubby had leftover bits and pieces. M3 Thai Chicken Red Curry with veg from the garden over cauliflower rice 13th Jan I picked a massive bunch of Basil from my garden and made whole30 pesto! M1 Smoked Chicken over smashed potatoes with half an avo and a good dollop of basil pesto with some ghee. M2 Hubby had half a roast butternut with some smo
  6. 11th Jan - Day 4 M1 - Bacon, eggs and mixed salad (cherry tomatoes, carrots, spinach, kohlrabi and cucumber) with homemade aioli M2 - Hubby had potato salad and leftover meatloaf, I had green apple and made myself some roasted cashew and almond butter, 2nd meals are hard for me. M3 - Leftover Meatloaf with Smashed potatoes and Sautéed Broccolini with a drizzle of ghee. So, 3 meals are hard for me, we've done intermittent fasting/two meals for so long now, my chronic nerve condition in my face doesn't help either because sometimes its just too much effort to eat.
  7. 10th Jan I'm really slack at eating three meals, especially when in pain, and I'm not sure if its the start of the diet causing a flare or just poor timing in general, but my pain levels are pretty high atm. I made a huge pot of potato salad, made some dressing using sesame oil and the confit oil with egg, lemon juice, salt, pepper, homemade mustard, ACV, mixed it through 20 eggs, a couple of kg of potatoes and some bacon bits. The kids are eating it as a side as well. M1 - Spinach, smoked chicken and cherry tomato scramble with half an avo and some aioli M2- Hubby had s
  8. Thankyou, I do have an insta, but it isn't supposed to be food lol, we were documenting our off grid lifestyle when we moved out here 2.5 years ago, but we've been slack!
  9. Hey everyone, I've found inspiration and accountability by reading others journals, so I hope to add that in too! Hubby and I have decided to do a whole30, he has chronic reflux and congestion and has gained a lot of weight in his 40+ spread, it is impacting his knees and back and joints, I have a bunch of chronic health issues including Trigeminal Neuralgia and psoriasis, with some other things thrown in, so we both want to see if anything food wise is the culprit for flares if we can. We live off grid in Australia with 6 kiddos, I only shop monthly (I travel 3.5 hours each way once
  10. Hubby and I are attempting our first round later in the week, I have to do our monthly groceries first before we can start (we live off grid and I go 3.5 hours away once a month for groceries). It's going to be hard, there is a small town about 30 mins away where we can get some top up fresh foods but they're not great quality and really expensive, so I'm working on how we're going to swing it, we do have an extensive veggie garden but its peak summer atm, so not a huge amount ready for harvest just now. Also, 6 smallish children who I will also be cooking (non compliant) food for every d