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    I'm back to my regular schedule.  I ended up having to travel last week.  Rxbars for breakfast and lots of Chipotle  I had an Rx bar for breakfast this morning, and another Whole 30 bowl from Chipotle for lunch.  Meal planning and grocery shopping are on today's to-do list.  I've been compliant, getting my steps in, and sleeping really well.  My pain is ok, and my energy is great!  I haven't had time to contemplate all the What-ifs and Why-is-thises that I usually do.  Maybe that's been a good thing - just going through the motions without all the ruminations.  Anyway, I'm back on schedule, so I guess I'll be back to thinking about everything, lol.  
    Today is Day 18!
    M1-blueberry Rx bar, black coffee
    M2-Chicken Whole 30 bowl from Chipotle
    M3-Grilled steak with sweet potato and broccoli
    I wish I had thought to meal plan during the car ride home yesterday.  It's a lot to do on a work day.  I'm going to use the rest of my lunch hour to get started.  
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    Busy day yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to journal.  It was a good day, though, wholesome meals and 10,000+ steps.  I am starting to have a bit of the GI issues/sluggish digestive system.  Still this morning....I'm hoping today will be the end of this.  
    Day 8
    M1 - eggs and compliant sausage
    M2- grilled chicken and avocado salad
    M3-Grilled chicken with berries over salad greens
    I slept well last night, and I have a good energy level despite the digestive stuff.  Heading to a farmer's market shortly to pick up some winter vegetables!  
    Day 9
    M1- eggs with Applegate farms ham and a mineola orange
    M2- grilled chicken salad
    M3-steak, sweet potato, broccoli