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  1. Good luck! I find the best way is to clear out all non compliant foods. I took my noodles, beans, rice and non compliant sauces into a box and stuck it in the dark corner of my closet. Makes life much easier to not have anything non compliant standing in my way.
  2. I started on the 27th. Thankfully I was able to clear temptations out of my kitchen. That’s got to be difficult. Yet knowing you’re detoxing and will feel better soon gives great insight and hopefully motivation to continue. Are you still going?! I love that we started at the same time! January 26 is day 31 for me.
  3. Hello all, I recently was diagnosed with hypothyroid. I was given the first pharmaceutical of my life and I’m not happy about it. I was feeling overly tired, my face would hang in a new way, a way I didn’t recognize myself. I tried keto and I think that’s what threw the hammer down on my thyroid. I was very tired thinking I had carb flu. After 30 days of ketosis I stopped and went back to normal eating, not overeating, and gained 30(!) lbs in about two months!! I don’t recognize myself. I’ve done the whole30 in the past and remember how great I felt, taking such good care of my