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  1. I notice that there are sections called Whole 30 for Athletes, Whole 30 for Ladies and Whole 30 for Vegetarians. Can we get a Whole 30 for Seniors started? I am 68 and have always eaten relatively healthy but as I've gotten older and passed age 60, my metabolism has definitely slowed down. I would love to have a support group for young at heart seniors who are still striving for better health and healthy living.
  2. I am also sensitive to egg whites not the entire egg. I am still using eggs in recipes when called for which is giving me a very minor amount of eggs, but would love to find breakfast alternatives as well as ingredient alternatives when recipes call for eggs. In some cases, I've been doing two egg yolks and one white when two eggs are called for, and that seems ok, but dairy free for me also now means egg free and I would like to get 100% instead of 95% egg free.