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    StacyFace got a reaction from Libberitta in Hi there, I’m a Newb & starting 1/2   
    Hey Libberita, 
    That was my start date too. And my challenge buddy's. I am also not getting coaching but got the texts and those help. How are you feeling with it now? I'm rocking a headache lol
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    StacyFace reacted to Libberitta in Starting whole 30 again, this time without eggs   
    I had considered doing an eggless one too but this is my first time through and wasn’t sure I could make it wo eggs. I definitely have a sensitivity to them but I’m only eating eggs fresh from my dad’s chickens. I’m going to try not to have them everyday. Cheering you on!!!
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    StacyFace reacted to christine19 in Hi there, I’m a Newb & starting 1/2   
    Welcome newbies and good luck! My best tips from experience are....make extra than you need for dinner...I mix leftover veggies or chopped sausage into scrambled eggs or add grilled chicken on a salad the next day.  Always have something on deck defrosting in the fridge either the night before or in the morning. Keep a bag of shrimp in the freezer in case you forget to defrost  because those thaw quickly. Keep it simple but plan got this!