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  1. Thank you, I certainly will review this list! I guess I should have included one positive for sure, is the feeling of being control. So thank you for encouraging me to think outside of the norm.
  2. Greetings. I am 59 and doing this for the first time. Over the past nine months, I have been eating that doesn't run away, and have single handedly kept wine producers in business. So I have gained significant weight, and have been diagnosed with Asthma like symptoms. My goal for this challenge is to get my bad food habits under control. I am really hoping to lose weight also. While I fee good, I have not experienced any magic yet. Would enjoy continuing conversation.
  3. Thank you, I love the old house cat comment! I still don't really understand the Tiger Blood phenomenon anyway. So what positives did you experience? While I am not having any of the negatives, I also have not experienced many positives.
  4. Also, I really appreciate such a quick response. That is so very helpful!
  5. Thank you, I somehow missed the recommendation for some starchy vegetable everyday. This is not a problem, as I really do love all vegetables.
  6. So I am beginning day 8. I feel like I have been very compliant with the rules and eating times/patterns, although I did get hungry yesterday afternoon, so had a compliant snack. I have not experienced any of the projected symptoms so far, even though my diet for the past 9 months has been horrendous, lots of carbs, sugar, dairy, and alcohol, at all times of the day. Because I have not been having symptoms, I am questioning if I am doing anything wrong. So For breakfast, a typical meal is two eggs, a LARGS bowl of salad greens with approximately 1 tbls. Olive oil, half a small avacado, and
  7. Thank you! This is my 5th day, so far so good.
  8. I used to make a homemade sausage usually turkey, using a whole apple, as well as garlic, fresh ginger, jalapeno and spices (no sugar). I using an apple in this context acceptable? It would give me a break from eggs. Also, is there a recommendation for the fat content in ground means? I typically go for fat free or low fat, but being new to Whole30, I don't know if that holds true.
  9. Hello. My name is Joyce, and I am also starting today, January 4, 202. This is my first time to this forum and to Whole30. Read the book and stocked my pantry this weekend. Looking forward to this journey, although I will need support. My "why" is to control my drinking, my health and my food choices, rather than those controlling me. 59 years old from Ohio, where unfortunately, it is cold and gray today.