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    Paola63 reacted to Libberitta in Hi there, I’m a Newb & starting 1/2   
    Headache went away after day 4. Now I’m struggling with the bloat. I feel like an actual boat that needs to float away. I’m concerned it’s all the eggs. But don’t really know. I’ve been trying to find an eggfree whole 30 Mayo. It’s probably my body getting used to all the full fat stuff. I don’t have my gallbladder anymore so I wonder if I’m doing the right thing w all this fat. But I’m committed to find out, just curious. 
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    Paola63 reacted to Lorna from Canada in Hi there, I’m a Newb & starting 1/2   
    Welcome! I'm on W30 #4 and it's so much easier when you know what to expect. Yes - you can do this!! @CathB batch cooking will be your friend when you return to work! After our first W30, we never returned to processed foods so we're now well accustomed to all the food prep and cooking but it is a lot to get used to when you first start. Good luck!

    I've never had a W30 coach but like the W30 Day by Day book that I bought for my first one. Focussing on getting through one day at a time sounds cliche but really helps me. And, eat the fat! You'll be thankful you did!
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    Paola63 got a reaction from Saiee in Starting 2021 with a bang! Whole30 Monday Jan 4th start date, anyone else?   
    Hi, first time for me and I've started today, 4th January. Looking forward to share experience and especially hear form more experienced Whole30ers (is that a word? ;)