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    Danielle Scaturro reacted to Ejanecek83 in Starting 2021 with a bang! Whole30 Monday Jan 4th start date, anyone else?   
    Good morning! I’m starting today! This will be my 4th time completing the Whole30 with several failed attempts in between. I am prepped and ready to go!
    Meal 1: eggs, spinach, roasted potatoes
    Meal 2: Chicken Cacciatore with Zoodles from the Whole30 Slowcooker cookbook
    Meal 3: Asian Pot Roast with Shiirakes and Snow Peas from the Slowcooker Cookbook
    I bought a gallon water jug to make sure I’m hydrated. My workout will be a 45min Peloton ride before work and a 45 min walk after work to get fresh air. I live in Clearwater, FL so I have 0 excuses to get outside daily. I’m also doing a daily devotion. This is my year to focus on self-care. 
    I started a thing 3 years ago called No Planuary. It’s where I make 0 plans in January and just focus on myself. 
    can’t wait to see everyone’s progress and support each other!
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    Danielle Scaturro got a reaction from Saiee in Starting 2021 with a bang! Whole30 Monday Jan 4th start date, anyone else?   
    Hi all - I started my Whole30 today, Jan 4! I completed one a few years ago and felt great afterward, so looking forward to that. Like many others here, 2020 got to me for a host of reasons and have been very off track and not feeling so hot. First, I'm going to focus on the food portion of my health with W30 and once I'm feeling a bit better will add some more activity. (Currently I walk my dog 1-2x a day for 20-30min a pop), so am not totally sedentary, but it's definitely not enough. I've stocked up and found a great site (https://realsimplegood.com/rsg-meal-plans/rsg-whole30-meal-plans) with a month's worth of meal plans, which really helped me get over the hump of deciding to do W30. Excited to have found the forum and connect with everyone here!