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    Yeah, it works.
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    It is so nice to see a lot of people doing this. Well, good luck to y'all.
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    Healthype reacted to Jennifer McC in Can I have Smoked/Cured Turkey Meat?   
    I am starting my fifth Whole30 in January 2021 and have always omitted smoked meats from my Whole30. But I'm curious, are they compliant? While not on Whole30 I always use smoked turkey parts (i.e. wings, tails, necks) to flavor sides like collard greens and green beans (which are compliant) but I was never sure about the smoked turkey so I omitted it. Trouble is these meats rarely come with an ingredient label. A Google search shows some brands with ingredients listed as water, salt, and sodium nitrite. If this is all, I can use them, but does anyone know more about how these meats are processed and if they are all compliant or should I continue to avoid them?
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    Is deli bacon compliant 
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    Healthype reacted to ShannonM816 in Meal Delivery Services - Are there any Whole30 approved ones?   
    If you go to the Whole30 Approved page ( and scroll down, there's a section of restaurants and meal delivery services that definitely would have Whole30 options. There might be others as well, hopefully people will have suggestions of ones they've used. 
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    Healthype reacted to laura_juggles in Question About My Beef Broth   
    Beef broth in particular is notoriously hard to find compliant, in my experience, which is such a bummer.