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  1. I can try upping it but I do drink quite a bit. Should I make meals bigger or would a snack between meals be ok?
  2. Yesterday I did forget breakfast so it was black coffee for breakfast, a medium potato, compliant ham, spinach, salsa and 2 eggs for lunch, pork roast,salad and half of a sweet potato for dinner. I also had a small bowl of fruit.
  3. I should also add that I feel sore even walking up the stairs. That started yesterday.
  4. I got through my lack of caffeine headaches and didn’t want to kill all of the people the past couple days. Today however I slept though all of my alarms and passed out again after dropping my daughter off at the babysitters (late). I got gone and needed to log in to work and passed out for 2 more hours instead- not caring very much when I did wake up and realize how late it was. I am trying to work now and I have my black coffee, but I’m struggling- moving super slow, weak and tired. I know this is supposed to pass but what can I do to keep up with my job and my 2yr old in the meantime?