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    Coleen79 got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in Red wine vinegar   
    I already threw the bottle out lol! But I’m good to go, on day 17 and I feel fabulous! ❤️
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    Coleen79 reacted to Lorna from Canada in Red wine vinegar   
    Oh boy @Coleen79 - what an absolute bummer! I've been there - I assumed all baba ganoush was made with just compliant ingredients and was on my 2nd tub of a particularly delicious brand (  ) when I discovered sour cream in the ingredients. GAAAAH!
    I think you can find the official stance here:
    For me, it comes down to what your goals for the program are. With the great cream incidence (day 9), my goal for the program was to be hyper-compliant and do a proper W30 reset so, it got turned into a W39 and I felt great.
    Today, if I were to discover sulfites in my vinegar, I would ignore it and carry on because, after 4 W30s, I know sulfites aren't problematic for me and it's not as important that I do a strict W30. I'd be pissed off mind you, but I wouldn't start over.
    Whtever you decide, I'm cheering you on!