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  1. Thank you so much for the response Mamatutut! I wish W30 would appear here in the UK. It was so easy to follow in the US. After looking at Melissa Urban's post and seeing it was 7 years ago that she asked people to add food resources for the UK, I think it is time we had W30 here. People just don't seem to want to do it so much here, due to having to read each label thoroughly, searching store to store, and having no compliant products. In the US we had salad dressings, hotdogs, jerky, mustard, creamers and sauces with the W30 logo. It was amazing! @Melissa Urban if you e
  2. I lived in the States for years and did W30 there. I've moved to the UK and I'm really struggling to find items such as dressings, mustard, creamers (similar to nutpods), nut butters and jerky. I wish W30 was here. I found an old post Melissa started but that was neraly 7 years ago and most links are expired. I'm not looking for ideas on meats, vegetables and fruit, but ideas for the dressings, mustard, creamers, nut butters and jerky. I know I could attempt to make some but I really want to find the items pre-made. Does anyone have any thoughts, or does anyone know if W30 will ever
  3. Hi all, I completed W30 on the 15th Feb, loved it and never felt better, skin, mood, sleep, happiness etc. Q, I re-intorducted some paleo snacks here and there, since completing W30 and was ok, however today I have bad anxiety after being free from it during W30. I did try some "foods" 3 days ago that were not paelo, I went to eat out and had a plain baked potato with grilled chicken but included: 4oz of red wine, a side of BBQ sauce, small cearser (without croutons) and a side of sour cream. Could this have triggered the anxiety, even though it was 3 days ago? I can't understand w
  4. Ahhh, thank you for explaining. That makes sense.
  5. I can’t find an article in these specifically, I do check ingredients but I am not sure about these, can anyone tell me if they are compliant please?
  6. Ahh! Perfect, thank you for the tip, that makes perfect (obvious) sense. I appreciate your response
  7. Hello, Although I am new, I have tried searching first for my answer on the site and couldn’t find it, I only found a search under the Sift app that states this is not whole30 compliant. Can someone please verify for me? The ingredients seem ok. Thank you