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    emm4 got a reaction from Mamatutu in W30 in the U.K. Dressings, Mustard, Creamers, Jerky, Nut Butters   
    I lived in the States for years and did W30 there. I've moved to the UK and I'm really struggling to find items such as dressings, mustard, creamers (similar to nutpods), nut butters and jerky.
    I wish W30 was here. I found an old post Melissa started but that was neraly 7 years ago and most links are expired. I'm not looking for ideas on meats, vegetables and fruit, but ideas for the dressings, mustard, creamers, nut butters and jerky. I know I could attempt to make some but I really want to find the items pre-made.
    Does anyone have any thoughts, or does anyone know if W30 will ever come to the U.K?
    Thank you