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  1. Hi all, I completed W30 on the 15th Feb, loved it and never felt better, skin, mood, sleep, happiness etc. Q, I re-intorducted some paleo snacks here and there, since completing W30 and was ok, however today I have bad anxiety after being free from it during W30. I did try some "foods" 3 days ago that were not paelo, I went to eat out and had a plain baked potato with grilled chicken but included: 4oz of red wine, a side of BBQ sauce, small cearser (without croutons) and a side of sour cream. Could this have triggered the anxiety, even though it was 3 days ago? I can't understand w
  2. Ahhh, thank you for explaining. That makes sense.
  3. I can’t find an article in these specifically, I do check ingredients but I am not sure about these, can anyone tell me if they are compliant please?
  4. Ahh! Perfect, thank you for the tip, that makes perfect (obvious) sense. I appreciate your response
  5. Hello, Although I am new, I have tried searching first for my answer on the site and couldn’t find it, I only found a search under the Sift app that states this is not whole30 compliant. Can someone please verify for me? The ingredients seem ok. Thank you