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  1. I love my coffee pretty sweet, but have learned to like it (not love it) with coconut cream and a bit of cinnamon. I find this adds a bit of flavor to distract from the bitterness and adds fat that I need to feel satisfied.
  2. I'm on day 25 and have yet to feel any where near a Tiger Blood type feeling. In fact, this past week I have been so tired and some of my stiffness overnight has returned. My bowels have been really regular and mushy, but formed. I have no known medical conditions. Pre Whole 30, I had alternating constipation & loose. I have been gf for over 8 years, but majorly sugar addicted all my life. I'm a "mature" middle 40's woman who is a nanny so I need as much energy as I can get, but have been faking that energy for years. This week it was hard to fake it until I had been up for 3-4 hours &