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  1. Thank you! I don’t think I’m used to eating with structure. I stay at home with my toddler and I feel like before w30, I would have so many mini meals or just grab a snack here an there. So W30 has been helpful with mindful eating and intentional eating. But I also feel like I am gaining weight so early in my 30 days and I’m hoping that changes as well. I’m not really sure what to expect. I know W30 isn’t a diet, I guess I just had something different in mind.
  2. Does anyone have any great recipes to share!? I’m desperate!
  3. I’m on day 12 and I feel like I am eating too much. In the beginning I was eating enough so I adjusted and I am following the meal template. I am a stay at home mom and prep my meals besides breakfast. I usually have an avocado, 2 sunny side up eggs and one small sweet potato air fries. For a snack I have a half of an avocado and workout shortly after. And post worworkour I have a chomps stick l. Then for lunch it’s left overs (my goto the the Shepard’s pie from the cookbook). And for a quick dinner I have a chicken breast, sweet potato wedges and a veggie. And if I’m carving something sweet I