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  1. I am experiencing the same sleepless nights!! Did you come to any conclusions? I am on day 20 & last night was the worst. I also have upped my fats, carbs at dinner. I have always ate low carb & never had a problem like this. I'm at a loss!!
  2. I forgot to mention my sleep was good until day 7, then is has been horrible since day 7.
  3. This is my 3rd round of whole30, I just woke up on day 20 & my sleep has been horrible!! I am getting around 4 minutes of deep sleep waking all the time, my sleep scores on my watch have been in the 40s& 50s...& I feel like a zombie. I have upped my carbs, my fat, I am consistent on bedtime, I exercise, I drink 3 liters of water, I take magnesium, please help?? I was sleeping a lot better prior to whole30 & prior rounds always slept great.