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    Nbalentine reacted to Rebecca001 in Terrified of weighing on Day 30!   
    Here’s a crazy thought- why don’t you just NOT weigh yourself??! 
    I struggle with my scales too and this time round I’ve really found it hard not to weigh myself. I finished my 2nd W30 on 30th Jan but I’m still not ready to weigh myself. I think because I still feel like the number will define the effort, then I know it’s not time yet. You don’t have to weigh yourself either before or after. 
    I’m going to read the list posted above and tick as many off as I can, then see how I feel. The scales are currently in the loft so I’d have to be organised enough to get them down the night before to weigh first thing as well which helps me delay it further! 
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    Nbalentine reacted to Lorna from Canada in Terrified of weighing on Day 30!   
    I'm with you @Rebecca001 Why not ditch the scale altogether? The last time I weighed myself was at the end of my first W30 and the fact that I was feeling fabulous (better than I had in years) was shoved aside when I realized I was way WAY more happy about losing 11 pounds. I was more excited about an irrelevant number than I was about about the resolution of pain in my left foot after a 5 year battle with plantar fasciitis. More excited about the number than the fact that I was sleeping through the night for the first time in over 20 years. Happier with the number than with the quality of my digestion or the clearness of my brain.  For the first time the ridiculousness of letting a number dictate my mood hit home.  I haven't weighed myself since.
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    Nbalentine reacted to 50andstillhere in Terrified of weighing on Day 30!   
    Because you really want to step on the scale and see if you lost weight, tell yourself that if you don’t see the number you want , that inches lost, feeling better are more important. Remember - your happiness isn’t based in a number you see in the scale. 
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    Nbalentine reacted to ShannonM816 in Terrified of weighing on Day 30!   
    Before you weigh -- or if you don't see this until after, then do this asap -- go to this page and get the NSV Checklist, sit down with it, and check off every one that applies to you, and definitely list any that you don't see mentioned. Remember these non-scale victories regardless 9f what happens with the scale.
    Whole30 is not a weight loss diet. Some people lose, some don't. But that'll not what we want you to focus on. We are told by society that if we lose weight, that makes us healthier. Whole30 wants you to look at it the other way -- if you get healthy, your weight will get to where it needs to be. If you are feeling better -- sleeping better, have more energy, have more even moods, etc. -- that is evidence that you are doing something right. If you keep focusing on feeling good and doing the things that keep you active and healthy, your weight will take care of itself.