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    Well, I did my wine reintro last night. The plan was to have half a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, my husband didn't cooperate and only drank one glass. Guess who can't seem to leave wine left in the bottle? So, yeah, I drank more that I was planning to. I didn't love the feeling of being slightly tipsy, and I woke up feeling less than stellar. Strangely enough, it didn't seem to affect my sleep. Like you, @Rebecca001, that first glass was delicious and totally worth it, but it went downhill from there. 
    I'm making three new recipes from Well Fed two this coming week, all of which look really tasty. Now that I'm starting to look forward to cooking after work, I don't feel such a strong need to do as much meal prepping as I did in January. I still have a few things to prep today, but I don't think I'll be in the kitchen for hours this afternoon.