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  1. I love them too. I get the Wild Costco ones as well. In a Kale/cabbage/Brussels Sprouts salad With pepitas, dried cranberries and an avocado. No dressing needed. My fave lunch.
  2. Also I’d like to add that my primary goal is to take charge of some health issues - hypothyroidism/Hashimotos and a struggle with high blood pressure despite being active and relatively fit. I wouldn’t mind losing some belly fat either : )
  3. Hello! I am starting my first Whole30 (40+) for Lent tomorrow (2/17). I’ve been grain and mostly legume free for 3 weeks, so I guess I am easing into it : ) No sugar will definitely be the hardest thing for me! Curious if anyone else is doing Whole30 for Lent instead of the typical monthly one.