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    Hello everyone!
    Today is my day 00 for the second whole 30 round. I'm planning to do a whole60, but let's see first how things go with the first 30 days.
    My first whole30 was in february/march and I felt great. In the past weeks I have been eating everything I can't, and I can mostly see that my anxiety levels are high. Body wise, I feel more constipation, but everything else is OK. It's just the anxiety that annoys me and I learned with my first whole 30 that it is because of sugar.
    In this new whole 30 I want
    - Reduce the amount of dried fruits and nuts 
    - Have nicer breakfasts that include more than eggs and fruits
    - Stick to only 3 meals, unless I'm doing sports
    - Exercise 6 days a week 
    - Plan my meals in advance
    - Spend less money and shopping smart
    - Wake up early everyday
    - Go back down to 65 kg (currently 68)
    - Sleep better
    Today is day 00 and I'll
    - Plan my meals for the week
    - Read a bit about the second round of whole 30
    - Recheck all the rules
    - Remove everything I can't from my home
    - Sleep early to start a nice and early day tomorrow
    Wish me luck.
    All advices are welcome <3