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  1. @SugarcubeODthanks Lovely, appreciate the response. I'm not sure as I've only ever eaten two eggs ever since I started doing W30. But something is no right so I'll give it a go. Gazpacho is a cold tomato and veggie soup, from Spain - I usually have it with chicken wings or something. I haven't lost weight, I don't think so I don't think I'm starving myself. When I feel like running I usually do it straight up and then eat breakfast, but I haven't has the energy so that's not really happening. Anyway I'll change up the eggs and give myself more time. Many thanks xx
  2. At day 22 and being really compliant I'm not feeling my usual buzz and sharpness of mind. I'm a runner and just haven't run this week. I'm eating what I would normally but I'm missing the zing and hustle - which is the whole30 point for me. My day consists of 2 eggs for breakfast and a long iced black coffee, a gazpacho or lettuce tacos for lunch and a big steak or chicken breast for dinner with loads of salad or roast veggies. Not sure what is going on but I just want it to click. Ideas?