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    This is one of our favs...
    Brussel sprouts. Ends cut off, the rest cut in fourths.
    Bacon (Whole30 compliant of course)
    Sliced mushrooms
    cook the bacon until desired doneness
    remove bacon
    add brussel sprouts and mushrooms to bacon grease
    cook until soft and brussel sprouts are a little bit brown
    rip up bacon and add back in with sprouts and mushrooms
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    Melissa Copeland reacted to Dan McFall in A little over a week and it is going well . . .   
    We (my wife and I) stared our Whole30 program on April 1st, a touch of irony there.
    I had already spent 7 weeks prior to the start cleaning up my nutrition, sort of a semi-paleo diet, but had left in some bad habits of many powerlifting/strongman types that I used to follow (e.g. eat whatever you want within 30 minutes of lifting . . . hello candy bars!) and I had gotten myself back under and over a barbell with some real frequency for the first time in 3 years (that is humbling!!!)
    So with my prior routine, I am already down a net 12 pounds. I say net, because I know that I have added some muscle and I will be curious to see where I am at after my Whole30. I can see a visible difference already in one week and have already noticed that waking up in the mornings, something I used to hate is getting easier. As mentioned on Facebook, I am having success with weening myself off of caffeine as well. I used to drink probably 6+ cups of coffee a day and right now I only have 1 and my goal in my last two full weeks of the program is to have no caffeine at all.
    So here are my goals for my Whole30 . . . and the rest of my life:
    1. Take ownership of what I eat and why:
    I am an admitted foodie, but resources like NomNomPaleo give me hope that I dont have to solely go to the Holy Church of It's Just Fuel
    2. Pullback on my recreational drinking
    As my sales career took off and I spent my life on an airplane, the guy that used to only have a couple of drinks a week became the guy that easily had a couple of a drinks a day to the guy that could have 5-6 drinks and not get smashed. I don't have a drinking problem, but like many people I just became immune to considering liquid calories and alcohol is some of the worst for you. It's time to move this back to a treat and a not a daily occurence.
    3. Take control of my caffeine use
    I already mentioned this, but it got worse when I gave up soft drinks in the fall. I would say coffee is still much better than all of the Coke Zero and Diet Mountain Dew that I drank, but honestly I shouldn't need that much caffeine is my fitness and nutrition are on track to keep my energy levels up.
    4. Divorce myself from the scale
    I am an engineer by education so I love numbers and in addition that even though it was 16 years (!!!) ago I was a high school wrestler and I think that's where my checking myself on the scale when "cutting" really started. Honestly, this has been the hardest part of my Whole30 so far, because I want to weigh myself already. I recognize the fact that I am struggling with giving up the scale after 8 whole days is somewhat telling.
    Thanks for letting me throw in a long introduction. When I finish I plan to go with a nice post showing all of my progress, even from before the Whole30, as I have been taking before shots along the way.
    Full disclosure: I technically failed already as I had Wine and Bread in church on Sunday, but as much as I am loving you guys, Easter Sunday wins over the Whole30 . I will abstain in Church for the rest of the program though.
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    This must be a big boat - I've been in it too with all the vacations, holidays, and just regular happy hours. Love my sweets, cheese, fried food, beer and wine. Fortunately, I steer away from bread and pasta for the most part, but today is Day 2 of the Whole 30 for me and it's been tough on my sweet tooth. But, hey, that's a big reason I'm here. Time to beat those cravings and retrain myself. Good luck everyone!