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    HI Rachel97 and welcome to the Whole30.  I can relate to your nervousness.  I too am slave to my cravings.  Mainly for sugar and sugary things, especially chocolate, and the quick energy it gives me.  What I have found with the Whole30 is that it takes those cravings away.  Yes, the first couple of days are probably the toughest as it relates to cravings but I suggest being as prepared as you possibly can be, especially in those first days, for cravings by having alternatives on hand--cut up fruits and vegetables, make a soup, have some sparking waters on hand.  When a craving came up in the beginning, I would go get a bowl of pineapple.  Pineapple is a pretty sugary fruit and while it isn't the best fruit option when I am trying to do without sugar, it wholly satisfies my sweet tooth and it is Whole30 approved.  That is really helpful in the beginning--to just stick to the Whole30 approved foods, even if I do overeat on them a few times in the beginning.  One day a few days into my first Whole30, I woke up and the cravings weren't following me around anymore like a monkey on my back.  And that is such an awesome feeling!  Wishing you much success!