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A couple of weeks later I got a call from Nick to tell me that the film was ready to be viewed if I still wanted to do that. ‘Yes, please,’ I replied. Nick lived in a nearby town so the discussion led to where to meet. My mum and dad where going out for the evening in a couple of days time so Nick arranged to borrow a car and call on me with projector in tow. I would provide the white wall to project onto courtesy of my bedroom. I mentioned to my parents that Nick, who was their nephew, was popping in to see me so all was set. Nick arrived and quickly set up the projector in my room. Loaded the film and got ready to run it. ‘Nearly forgot, Jill,’ he said, and handed me a brown paper package. Inside I found the navy blue school knickers that I’d worn for the film. ‘Thanks, Nick. And Gwen of course.’ ‘Actually,’ said Nick, ‘Gwen was so taken with your knickers she wore them on a few occasions. Hope you don’t mind. I mentioned how they had played an important part in our sex education if you remember.’ ‘Of course I do. And I’m quite excited by Gwen wearing them,’ I said.

Nick started the film. It was amazing. Watching myself taking three large cocks (one rather extra large) in my hands, my mouth and my pussy was just so very erotic my pussy just juiced up. I reached across to Nick’s jeans and, sure enough, he felt exactly the same it would appear. I opened his flies and extracted his cock. It was well excited. Not to be outdone Nick reached under my skirt, slipped his hand down my knickers and started rubbing my pussy. As the film reached its climax (me taking spunk from both Bob and Duncan) we also reached our individual climaxes. Nick’s spunk flew out from his cock and landed on the carpet (bit of cleaning required there I thought) whilst I just had an unbelievable cum on Nick’s fingers and hand.

As Nick was leaving I thanked him for so many unbelievable experiences. Our sexual education together, the film and finally our mutual masturbation that evening. ‘No,’ he said, ‘I should be thanking you, Jill, You’ve been brilliant and who knows where we’ll all go next? But I hope it’s going to be as exciting as the journey we’ve both been on so far.’ ‘You can say that again,’ I replied.