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  1. It is interesting to hear about the soy @Roblibbloomhelping hot flashes. I am 43 years old and never had a hot flash until my second week of whole 30. I am on day 20 now and get them quite often throughout the day. My concentration and memory has also been affected greatly. These are the parts of the Whole30program I am struggling with that feels like a negative impact on my body. I am left wondering if I am doing damage to my body.
  2. Thank you Rebecca001. Best advice for now and in the future: "But do you want it, or do you want the experience of it? I think people think W30 sounds miserable because we associate all the good times in our lives with (sugary junk) food. How will you enjoy life without these foods, they ask?! I tell myself that the taste of the food itself lasts moments but the experience (and conversely, the negative consequences) can last a long time."
  3. Love the collaboration here! I'm on day 8 now. I learned pretty quickly to make larger batches of simple things like roasted vegetables, hard boiled eggs, and dressings. With so much prep time involved, I ordered the Primal Kitchen dressings to help me out. Hope those come soon as I am looking forward to those. Sleep has been very difficult. I toss and turn all night which is not normal for me. I'm also getting very hot and sweaty. Has anyone else experienced this? Loving the feeling in my digestive system. No bloating or other discomforts which is what brought me to do this reset, m
  4. Hello! I am currently on day two, so am behind you a bit. I found Rebecca001 your comment about how you alter your menu a bit for yourself helpful amidst preparing for family as well inspiring. I can totally make one protein for all of us and then make different sides. Thank you!
  5. Hi pdackerman! I started Monday morning on my first Whole30 journey and am looking for the same.... just overall healthy feeling! I already feel less bloated and I didn't realize I was to begin with. I am excited to witness my body and mind's journey through the program. I am keeping little notes of how I feel each day which may be helpful later. Best of luck on your journey!