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  1. Sorry for the repost, I was just not sure to which topic was more inherent. I use a reasonable amount of salt, suggested by nutrician for my health problems, and I never consumed packaged foods, like in a 7-8 years, maybe more. So that's not the case. I'm already having a diary where I write what I eat and how I feel. Nuts are not giving me problems, as avocado. I tried ghee but it's too much heavy for my stomach. Olives are good but sparely, usually too much acid for me. I can't eat mayo because I can't eat the mustard, so no packed no homemade. I eat fats in the amount is suggested by
  2. Hello everyone. First consider this as my personal experience and opinion, not as what would happen to everybody. Probably W30 diet is ok for many people, but probably not for me and anyone with my problems. And sorry to indulge into some bodily details. I've been first vegetarian for 10 years, then vegan for 11 years. Most of my life. During my veg years I never exaggerated with white pasta, carbs, soy or starches. Mostly I was living of buckwheat, quinoa, lentils, oat. Last 2 years I started to have massive health problems: I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and endometriosis, plus