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  1. Hi! I’m new here and just completed my first Whole30 yesterday. Since I did it over my birthday, I feared I would feel immediate deprivation. So, I bought a “clean” non-dairy, non- soy, non-gluten and low sugar mini raspberry chocolate cheesecake to have today. I ate about half, which was maybe 5 or 6 bites. It tasted “weird” and somewhat good, just not much like cheesecake. Disappointed and feeling cheated,  I tried one little square of 85% dark chocolate. Just okay. Last, I went back to 3 strawberries, which I liked best. 

    I have several chronic pain conditions, including fibromyalgia. After 4 back surgeries, jaw surgery, two foot surgeries and hand surgery, I am very aware of avoiding foods triggering inflammation.  I haven’t eaten gluten, soy or dairy (except eggs) for several years. Bloodwork early on proved a major reduction in inflammatory markers,  like C reactive protein. Being a sweet tooth, I have never been able to kick sugar.  One month prior to foot surgery last Feb, I eliminated sugar, but allowed stevia and honey. After, I slowly let myself have it, and soon fell back to my sugar cravings. I fear the same will happen, even though this time I eliminated ALL sugars, and seldom had the taste for it.

    Now, starting Reintroduction, should I stay off sugar permanently, after my experience last year? I fear I won’t have freedom with sugar, especially chocolate, and don’t want to undo the good these 30 days have done  I never thought I could eat healthy breakfasts before this but now I wouldn’t go back to cereal (mainly unsweetened and sweetened by stevia. What do you think? 

    *My energy level is much higher after 30 days, although I still have moderate and severe pain, unrelated to food.  I haven’t weighed myself, but I can tell I feel lighter, which my Dr confirmed, without telling me how much I lost. I also feel so much more in control of food, instead of the other way around, I now stop eating when I’m full.