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  1. I couldn't wait to get up this morning to take my stats. I was 100% compliant these last 30 days. NOT EASY!!! The sugar detox was the worst part of it. I got through the haze of days 2-5 and then it was on to the races for me. I have, strike that, HAD a total of 72.4 pounds to lose going into this. .I felt completely out of control with my food and Whole30 was a last ditched effort for me to get it together already and make some REAL changes. No sugar at all. No baked goods, not even Heinz ketchup (love the Whole30 stuff!) and now I like my homemade mayo better than Hellman's. I don't even mis
  2. Hi Jennifer! I am starting on the 24th as well! Was going to do it today, but I want to go back over the book and get some essentials prepped before I start next Monday. I've lost 50 lbs as least 3 times in my life and my relationship with food has been fickle over the years. Hoping for a complete reset and looking forward to making positive changes that last for life. WE GOT THIS!!! (most likely doing at least a Whole 60) Lauren