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    AmyRose got a reaction from SugarcubeOD in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    I’ve completely topped out on eggs.  This morning, I treated myself to this  incredibly tasty taco salad. 

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    AmyRose got a reaction from Lauriecorgimom in Start Date May 24th!   
    Are you feeling any better today, Brocha?  I’m hoping all that heaviness will pass for you and the real whole 30 magic will start to kick in. You can always eat less at a meal, although that’s pretty hard for me to teach myself. It really is a struggle sometimes to remember that I don’t need as much as I think I do. 
    My boss took the whole office out to lunch today to celebrate someone’s birthday.  I was kind of disappointed, because I had packed a fabulous salad with taco meat that I made last night. But then we got to the restaurant, and I ordered a phenomenal chopped salad with shrimp! I even checked to make sure that the vinaigrette had no sugar in it.  Really, I would’ve been OK if it did because I had a bottle of salad dressing in my purse. (I would not admit that to anyone except you) 
    And my taco salad was perfect for dinner.
    We are almost 2 full weeks into this, and almost halfway through. We totally rock!
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    AmyRose got a reaction from Brocha in Start Date May 24th!   
    Day 10, and I’m still on plan. I expected today to be harder than it was, just because day 10 and 11 are often the days that people quit Whole 30.  I have noticed in the last two days that I’m in a better mood and I’m able to work through the day without any problems. I even have some extra energy in the evening. That’s been a big change for me. 
     I’m still eating white chicken chili occasionally, filling in with veggie omelettes and shrimp and roast chicken. I’m going through a lot of vegetables, but I stocked up over the weekend so I should be fine now. 
    Lunch today was a BAS, and it was fabulous. Romaine with avocado, chicken, carrots, tomatoes, raspberries and blueberries. And that’s a whole 30 dressing, but I can’t remember what kind

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    AmyRose got a reaction from Brocha in Start Date May 24th!   
    My Day 5 was unexpectedly chaotic, with a trip to the vet that I had not planned. It completely messed up my food plans and I finally got to eat at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  Still with no W30 food on hand, I stopped at Chipotle and got their Whole 30 Bowl. It was great. OK, I admit I was super hungry, but it was still surprisingly good. They have riced cauliflower flavored with lime now, and they add roasted vegetables, chicken, lettuce, salsa and guacamole. Highly recommend!
    Whatever it takes, every day, I am going to do this!
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    AmyRose got a reaction from Brocha in Start Date May 24th!   
    OK - Day 3 and I'm rockin' this!
    I cooked up some White Chicken Chili just before Day 1, and it's been a great choice for lunches. I add riced cauliflower and an avocado, and I eat like a queen.
    So far, breakfasts have been scrambled eggs with spinach or mushrooms or asparagus (or all three), but I really need to plan something different so I don't burn out on that. For dinner I have more time to make something lovely, so it's shrimp or scallops with a few veggies on the side.
    I also have a treat late in the evening - a little bowl of blueberries & raspberries to eat one at a time.
    Feeling good right now. No grumpiness or weird hunger yet.
    How is everyone else doing?
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    AmyRose got a reaction from Lauriecorgimom in Start Date May 24th!   
    I will be starting my Whole30 on May 24, this coming Monday. It will be my first day back home from vacation, my first day back in the office after a week off, and the first day of a true life change for me. 
     I have done a whole 30 before, successfully, and I learned a lot about how my body works well and what it really dislikes. This time I plan to re-educate myself and build a healthy diet that works the best with my body. It’s the first big step in changing my life for the best. 
    My best wishes to all of you. We got this!
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    AmyRose got a reaction from Brocha in STARTING MAY 24TH - Who's with me? (after Shavuos)   
    Hi Jennifer! And Laurie and Lauren, too.
    I will be starting on the 24th also, right after I get back from vacation. I’m truly looking forward to feeling wonderful after I eliminate all these foods from my daily rotation. And it’s always good to take this journey with other people.
    I think I’ll make some white chicken chili to kick off my first week. One of my favorite whole 30 recipes; I’m sure it will put me in a great mood. 
    Good Luck to all!